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Employmentsolicitors.co.uk is created by Stone Joseph solicitors to give you a comprehensive overview of the key issues when approaching employment claims and give you guidance on employment law practice.

Before you seek guidance from employment solicitors, the first step is to understand the law surrounding employment rights and whether they have been breached. 

If you are an employee, to commence an employment tribunal claim the employer must have infringed your employment rights.  Equally, it is important to understand the value of any compensation you may ultimately receive. 

As an employer, it is important to understand employment law and procedure, to avoid a claim and having to use employment solicitors

Whether you are an employee or employer, the first step is to have an understanding of at least the basics of employment law. 

For employees, the second step is to understand the strategic advice that employment solicitors can give you.  This is the practical side of employment law - your employment solicitor can tell you how to gather evidence to prove a breach of your employment rights, how to position your case and increase the likelihood of resolving your employment claim at the earliest opportunity.  If you are able to successfully achieve the recommended litigation strategy, then the likelihood is that your legal costs will be much reduced and you will have a successful outcome more quickly.  See Employment Law Practice for some quick pointers to help you. 

As an employer, the second step is to understand the likely scenarios that may result in you defending a claim in an employment tribunal.  Whether the claim is for discrimination, unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal or wrongful dismissal you want to avoid the usual pitfalls that allow an employee to make a claim.  Without an employer making a mistake as to the procedure or the law, there would not be any successful employment claims.  We set out some practical guidelines and tips for employers to help avoid compensation claims - to find out more see the information under Employment Law in Practice. 

Employment law is a specialised area of law and you should always seek the advice from an employment solicitor to receive expert guidance tailored to the specific issues of your case.

We believe that we can make a genuine difference by achieving a significant settlement or guiding you easily through employment law to avoid a claim.  Our clients appreciate our fresh approach and we hope that you will enjoy speaking to an employment solicitor who takes your perspective.

The Call

The vast majority of employment law problems involve a story of only a few relevant facts.  As specialised employment solicitors, we strongly advise that you discuss your employment issues at the earliest opportunity, so that you can take informed decisions within the context of understanding the recommended litigation strategy.

Our approach is that we prefer to conduct an initial telephone consultation to assess your legal issues and only if we think that it is worthwhile will we take it further and have a meeting.

So give Andre Pungerl or Ruth Neil, the employment solicitors and partners in the employment law practice of Stone Joseph a call (020 7854 9098).

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